Meet Ruby

You guys, I have been holding out on you with some fun news…. Remember when I mentioned being in Alaska last month?  Well, this is little lady is the reason.  Meet Ruby! Ruby is a 2.5 year old Alaskan Husky, and the newest member of our crazy family.  Ruby was a racing sled dog in Alaska.  One month ago, she lived in a dog yard with 18+ other dogs.  Unless out training, she spent most of her day tied to a chain or in her dog house.  Ruby had never been indoors, let alone slept on a cushy dog bed atop meticulously stashed dog toys in our bedroom. The husband…

Kauai Trip – Part 2: Foodie’s Guide to Kauai

Last month we vacationed on the island of Kauai.  It truly is a magically green island with amazing beaches, great hiking, snorkeling, dolphins, sea turtles, breathtaking sunsets/sunrises, and people who made us feel like family!  In all seriousness, we were ready to move to the north shore.  Well, pack up the pups, and then move to the north shore.  Life wouldn’t be the same without our whole little crew. 😉 We truly had an amazing time, and I wrote about my recommendations for where to go and what to do on Kauai in part 1…  I included roughly a bazillion photos, while I was at it. Sorrynotsorry. Today, I am going…