Girls’ Night in 5: Gruyere and Caramelized Onion Tart

Girls’ Night in 5 is a monthly “how-to” series containing Girls’ Night friendly recipes with 5 or fewer ingredients and no more than 5 minutes of active prep!  This series is part of my mission to simplify entertaining to encourage readers to invest in their community through hosting and loving people well. I soooo appreciate all the great feedback on the first Girls’ Night in 5 posts last month!  Loved reading your comments and messages!  I am a big fan of making gathering my girl people together a habit!  And it sounds like its something that resonates with quite a few of you, too!  The longer I am out of…

Earth Week: How we get out and explore!

In the spirit of Earth week, let me share something a bit different today.  I’ll go back to easy, entertaining-friendly recipes this week.  In fact, I’m actually pretty pumped about some of the things coming up in the next weeks, but more on that another time. What you see here on the blog may lead you to believe that I never leave my house.  In actuality, I am not a hermit, perpetually hosting girls’ night-in, or whipping up a last minute batch of the best brownies ever.  I admit I am a homebody.  But we are also big fans of exploring!  Last summer we made a pact to go either camping,…

One-Bowl-Wonders: Rye Brownies with Lavender Whipped Cream

This recipe is part of the One-Bowl-Wonders series.  Recipes is this series are simple, quick, and can be made with just one bowl.  They are designed to be ready to eat in about an hour without wrecking your whole kitchen!  Easy recipes. Easy clean-up. Big reward! Inviting more spontaneity into an already busy schedule is tricky for me.  I live by my i-phone calendar.  If it doesn’t exist on my calendar, it doesn’t exist in my life.  But, this methodology makes life feel very regimented.  I find myself struggling with “last minute” in a way that I never used to mostly because I like plans – especially plans that get…

Chewy Maple Pecan Oat Cookies

If you celebrated Easter over the weekend, you survived the preparations and family time that go along with the holiday.  And… in the states, today is also tax day.  Anyone else hate tax preparations?!  I don’t even do our taxes myself and it still stresses me out.  Nonetheless, surviving such Herculean feats should not go unrecognized. So… make these extra chewy, maple-y cookies as a little pat on the back for yourself.  Or if tax season has not been good to you this year, cookies make everything at least a little bit better.  Especially the extra chewy kind;) [amd-yrecipe-recipe:148]