A round-up of my favorite eats and treats for your Halloween and Harvest party festivities!!

Savory Eats

Halloween Sweet Potato Fries with Creamy Chipotle Dipping Sauce

Pumpkin shaped sweet potato fries with a super creamy and surprisingly vegan chipotle dipping sauce are a tasty, crowd pleasing appetizer or side dish!  To the recipe…

French Stuffed Pumpkins 

A cheesy bread stuffing with fresh herbs, bacon, and cream roasted inside of a pumpkin for a decadent dish!  To the recipe…

Pumpkin Ricotta Ravioli with Brown Butter Sage Sauce

A bit of a project, but well worth the effort for a small gathering!  Homemade ravioli noodles with a pumpkin ricotta filling and a brown butter sage sauce!  To the recipe… 


Sweet Treats

Grown-Up Twix Bars

Reminiscent of the childhood favorite but elevated to a truly divine level!  A tender tahini shortbread base with a salted caramel center and topped with a layer of dark chocolate and pink salt.  Truly the best thing I have eaten in a looooong time.  To the recipe…  

Apple Cider Caramel Corn

Apple cider caramel lends a hint of fall flavor to this classic nutty caramel corn.  A crowd pleasing favorite!  To the recipe…

5-Ingredient Pumpkin Shortbread Bars

A brown sugar shortbread cookie base a layer of pumpkin butter and a brown sugar shortbread streusel topping make these addicting squares a simple to make favorite!  To the recipe… 

Double Chocolate Spider Cake

A moist chocolate cake with a fluffy chocolate buttercream frosting make for a delicious dessert any time of year, but the easy to make spun-sugar spider web make this cake extra spooky!  To the recipe…

Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Cheesecake Pops

Real pumpkin cheesecake stars in these chocolate coated pops!  Decadent, easy to make, and fun to eat!  To the recipe…

Pumpkin Caramel Cobbler

This surprisingly vegan cobbler is super easy to make and the addition of coconut milk makes for an extra creamy brown sugar caramel that “magically” appears as the cobbler bakes!  To the recipe…

What treats is your family cooking up for Halloween?